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Data in SISBIZ

The SISBIZ Data Exchange System includes data on actual or potential indebtedness stemming from contractual obligations of legal entities. Data in the SISBIZ system is considered as an additional information in the determination of the indebtedness and creditworthiness of legal entities.

The following data and information is processed and exchanged in the SISBIZ system:

a) Data on the borrower (legal entity)

  1. the business name and address of the legal entity, or the name or business name and address of the entrepreneur, or private individual pursuing registered business activities;
  2. the legal entity’s tax number;
  3. the registration number, if the legal entity is entered in the Business Register of Slovenia in accordance with the law governing the business register, or the unique identification code of a non-resident legal entity from the register of non-resident legal entities;
  4. information about bankruptcy, compulsory composition or other insolvency proceedings being conducted against the legal entity in accordance with the law governing financial operations, insolvency proceedings and compulsory dissolution proceedings;
  5. other information about the legal entity administered in the Business Register of Slovenia, the register of non-resident legal entities or other official records and registers in Slovenia.

b) Data related to the indebtedness of legal entities taking into account credit transactions with other legal entities, as follows:

  1. the type of business transaction;
  2. the date of conclusion of the transaction or issuance of the financial instrument, and the maturity date;
  3. the amount of outstanding liabilities from the credit operation or other exposure;
  4. the collateral provided for the liabilities from the credit operation;
  5. the amount of the undrawn portion of the approved credit;
  6. delays related to the fulfilment of borrower's obligations.

c) Other data and information related to credit operations of legal entities for the purpose of credit risk management and the fulfilment of prudential requirements for banks in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 575/2013:

  1. exposure to legal entities by type of financial instrument, including other exposures;
  2. forborne exposures;
  3. the performance or non-performance of the exposure;
  4. the classification of the exposure in accordance with the regulations on the assessment of credit risk losses;
  5. other exposures.

Data in SISBIZ are held for four years after the fulfilment of the borrower's obligations.

After the expiry of the deadlines, data on credit transactions are erased and no longer available.