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For SISBIZ members

Online application Info SISBIZ

Info SISBIZ is an online application that allows SISBIZ members, i.e. creditors of legal entities, the access to individualized data on the indebtedness of a particular legal entity.

The online application enables the member:

  • registration of authorized persons to work with the application;
  • inquiring data on legal entities;
  • extracting data in pdf format;
  • reviewing of statistics;
  • administrating the legal entities' complaints.

A fee for the use of the Moj SISBIZ is charged in accordance with the applicable Data Exchange System Tariff.

How to become a SISBIZ Member

  • Meet the ZCKR criteria to become a member
  • Sign a Contract on the use of SISBIZ
  • Fill the "Application form for appointing a General Administrator and his deputy for SISBIZ"
  • Join the online test application Info SISBIZ
  • Test Info SISBIZ and sign UAT (User Acceptance Test) statement.