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For other legally eligible persons

Other legally eligible persons are government authorities and the holders of public authorisation who are expressly authorised by the law to access data processed in the SISBIZ system.

Urad SISBIZ online application

Urad SISBIZ is an online application that facilitates:

  • the login of users in the system;
  • requests for the data of legal entities;
  • statements of data in pdf form; and
  • an overview of statistics.

Access to the Urad SISBIZ online application

Legally eligible parties are included in the system by:

  • concluding an agreement with Banka Slovenije.
  • appointing a general administrator and his deputy;
  • registering a qualified digital certificate via the online application for the general administrator and his deputy; and
  • submitting a printed form regarding the registered qualified digital certificate by post to the address: Banka Slovenije, Central Credit Register, Slovenska 35, 1505 Ljubljana.