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Access to data

Data in the SISBIZ system are confidential

Access to the SISBIZ system is granted solely to SISBIZ members and to authorised persons at a member by means of a digital certificate from a qualified issuer. Members of the SISBIZ exchange system may access all data that is processed and exchanged in the system.

Any access to data is recorded and monitored by means of an authenticated and comprehensive audit trail, which is stored in such a manner to allow for the subsequent determination of when particular data was viewed or output, including information regarding which member of the system submitted the data and to whom it was forwarded for viewing.

Viewing of data is permitted in the following cases:

  • for the assessment of the creditworthiness of a borrower in connection with the conclusion of a particular operation with a member;
  • for the assessment of the credit risk that has arisen in connection with the executor of a credit operation;
  • for the repayment of past-due liabilities;
  • for the resolution of a legal entity’s complaint;
  • for auditing purposes; and
  • for updating data included in the SISBIZ system.