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For Legal Entities

In accordance with the Central Credit Register Act (ZCKR), the Bank of Slovenia ensures that a legal entity has the right to be informed of the processing of its own confidential data in the Data Exchange System via an online application (Moj SISBIZ).

How to access Moj SISBIZ

Registration and payment procedure for application Moj SISBIZ is the following:

  • Online registration of a qualified digital certificate at an online platform.
  • Mailing a signed form of the certificate registration to the following address: Bank of Slovenia, Central Credit Register, Slovenska c. 35, 1505 Ljubljana.
  • Waiting period for approval / refusal of the digital certificate by the Bank of Slovenia (legal entity receives an e-mail notification).
  • Log-in to the application Moj SISBIZ and selection of the desired access package by ordering the proforma invoice (to access the online application click "TO THE APPLICATION").
  • The owner of the certificate obtains full access to the application Moj SISBIZ after the payment.

Online application Moj SISBIZ

Moj SISBIZ is an online application that allows legal entities to view their own data that is collected and processed in the SISBIZ system.

The online application enables:

  • reviewing its own data;
  • extracting data in pdf format;
  • obtaining information on inquiries (by whom, when and for what purpose data was acquired);
  • submitting complaints.

Data in the system refers to the end of month outstandings and is being updated on the 16th working day following the end of previous month.

A fee for the use of the Moj SISBIZ is charged in accordance with the applicable Data Exchange System Tariff.