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Moj SISBIZ online application

Moj SISBIZ is an online application that allows legal entities to view data about them that are collected and processed in the SISBIZ system.

Access to the Moj SISBIZ application

The following is necessary to establish access to the Moj SISBIZ application:

  • Register via the online application the qualified digital certificate (instructions for the registration of a digital certificate) of a person who is authorised by a legal entity to access Moj SISBIZ, and submit a printed form regarding the registered qualified digital certificate by post to the address: Banka Slovenije, Central Credit Register, Slovenska 35, 1505 Ljubljana.
  • Wait for the authorisation of the qualified digital certificate by Banka Slovenije following the receipt of the form regarding the registered qualified digital certificate (the user is notified of authorisation by email).
  • Enter the Moj SISBIZ application using the ‘ENTER APPLICATION’ button. Under the menu option ‘Predračuni, order the relevant access package (proforma invoice) and make payment.

Online application Moj SISBIZ

Following the payment of the proforma invoice, the user is granted access to all functionalities of the Moj SISBIZ application.

The Moj SISBIZ online application facilitates the following:

  • the viewing of a legal entity’s own data;
  • the output of the legal entity’s own data in pdf form;
  • the provision of information on views (by whom, when and for what purpose data on the legal entity was viewed);
  • the submission of a complaint.

A fee is paid for the use of the Moj SISBIZ online application in accordance with the applicable tariff for the information exchange system.