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Rights of legal entities

Right to be informed

As the operator of the SISBIZ information exchange system in accordance with the ZCKR, Banka Slovenije ensures that a legal entity has the right to be informed of the processing of its own confidential data in the information exchange system via an online application (Moj SISBIZ), through which the legal entity can obtain the following information:

  1. information as to whether confidential data in connection with the legal entity has been processed in the information exchange system;
  2. all data regarding the legal entity that is processed in the information exchange system, including information as to which lender or member of the system submitted the data to the information exchange system; and
  3. information as to when and for what purpose a particular member of the system accessed the data in accordance with the ZCKR, unless the law explicitly prohibits the provision of this information.

Right to rectification of data in the SISBIZ system

If a legal entity justifiably opposes specific data regarding it that is exchanged through the SISBIZ system, it may request the deletion of that data, or a change or revision at the system member who reported the disputed data. The legal entity exercises its right via the Moj SISBIZ online application. In the event of the entry of a complaint via the Moj SISBIZ application, that complaint is automatically sent without delay to a specific member for resolution. A legal entity without access to the internet or without a qualified digital certificate can exercise the right to lodge a complaint in writing with a member of the system or the operator, using a form that it submits in person or by post to Banka Slovenije (as operator) or to a member of the system. The legal entity addresses its complaint to the member who reported the disputed data to the SISBIZ system. The member of the system or system operator informs the legal entity by the deadline stipulated in the ZCKR as to whether its request is justified or not, in the manner set out by the legal entity in the request, and makes the rectifications in the SISBIZ system by the same deadline.